Georgia Tech Team at the 2023 IEEE AP-S/URSI

At the 2023 IEEE AP-S/URSI conference in Portland, Oregon, the Georgia Tech mmWave Antennas & Arrays team presented 5 presentations. On top of that, we had a wonderful reunion with one of our own alumni, Jiantong Li, who now works for Samsung Research America.

Our Noteworthy Presentations by students:

  1. “Characterization of VO2-Based Reconfigurable Linear-to-Circular Polarization Converter” by David West
  2. “On-Chip 60 GHz Coplanar Folded Slot Antenna with Air Cavity and Reflector” by Seung Yoon Lee
  3. “Vanadium Dioxide Aperture-Coupled mmWave 1-bit Reconfigurable Dual Polarization Reflectarray” by Walter Disharoon
  4. “Silicon Carbide Slot Dielectric Resonator Antenna for High Temperature and Power Applications” by Sree Adinarayana Dasari
  5. “Towards a 5G n260 Band Phased Array Based on Vanadium Dioxide Switches” by Sree Adinarayana Dasari

and lab Alumni:

“A D-band Low-cost High-gain Phased Antenna Array for 6G Applications” by Dr. Jiantong Li

Sonny receives the IEEE Ph.D. Student Travel Grant

Seung Yoon (Sonny) Lee, a Ph.D. student, was awarded the IEEE Ph.D. Student Travel Grant during the 2023 IEEE AP-S/URSI meeting in Portland, Oregon. This competitive grant is a recognition of excellence in their field of research, with 20 exceptional applicants, including Sonny, chosen to receive this travel grant, amounting to $1000 USD per recipient. (Link)